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About Us


ARC is blessed to have this amazing cafe that is run by our amazing youth group. Our head barista, Sis. Rebecca, introduced this project to help the youth group raise funds for camp, section events and more fun activities. Our youth do an awesome job! Let's continue to support our FUTURE for ARC.


Stop by and check 
out our July
Specials !

All proceeds go to the youth ministry department 

Thank you for all your support 

 Ready for the Holidays?

Stop by Overflow Cafe and try our 4th of July 


Overflow Baristas

Stop by and try a tasty spring drink !

all proceeds go to the youth fund!

March & April Specials

Stop by the Overflow Cafe on Sunday

Our baristas are brewing delicious drinks stop in and check them out on Sundays. Support our youth ministry. 

Overflow Cafe February Valentine's Fundraiser!

Stop by and support our youth department. 

All proceeds go towards youth events this year. 

Youth are preparing for WAYCON in March lets

help them get there.




February Specials !

  Highly recommend the

   "Love Potion." its amazing!

Overflow is ready for 2024

Meet our Barista staff @ Overflow Cafe.
Come and support our youth de

Check out the new menu 

New Year's 
Special @ Overflow Cafe 

Stop by and support our youth department!

Holiday Cheer is here @ Overflow Cafe

Stop by for a holiday drink "new" item on the menu all proceeds go to the youth fund ! 

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