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ARC Ladies Ministry


We are a simple group of women who love the Lord and serve His purpose. We share God's blessings and miracles to one another for encouragement and uplift.

"For we know that as daughters of the Most High, God has given us the spirit of trust and love for one another."


Pink Theme Bouquet
Dani 2023.jpg

Meet Our Ladies Director

Sis. Dani Rivera - Director for 2023

Sis. Dani is a God-fearing lady that has so much talent and passion to for God's Kingdom. Our goal for 2023 is to unite and to work in unity to encourage our sisters,friends and family to work for God's kingdom. We are a small group but eager to grow!

We are excited for what the Lord has for our ladies group in 2023 - new activities, events and outings. You are welcomed to join us and see how God has truly blessed each one of us with blessings, miracles, and great things!

ARC Ladies Craft Nights

Join us for craft nights !

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